What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy Salisbury & Portsmouth Service from Liz Strain.

Although the edges between counselling and psychotherapy may be rather blurred, psychotherapy can be said to be working at greater depth and probably for longer term. In psychotherapy you can explore repeating patterns in your life and you may come to understand the roots of these in childhood experiences, which may be hidden from you in your unconscious.

As an adult you have more choices available to you to break out of destructive and difficult patterns of feelings, thinking and behaviour. As you reflect upon this in psychotherapy you can consider how to break these unwanted patterns and move towards more aware ways of living.

My specialist training is in psychotherapy using the arts and if you are open to this way of working I have found it to be very effective. However it is always your choice of how you want to work with me and I will respect your decision if you are seeking a purely talk therapy.

Psychotherapy provides a place for you to bring all your feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams. It is helpful for you if you are seeking personal growth and development as it provides the potential for you to grow in self-awareness and self-understanding and to find new meaning and direction in your life.

Liz Strain Salisbury & Portsmouth psychotherapist