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Sometimes we find ourselves facing problems and difficulties in our lives that we cannot deal with on our own. We find it difficult to talk to someone inside our usual circle of friends and family, and we need someone else to talk to who will listen, understand and help us to see a way forward.

I can offer you a safe place for you to talk through your problems or worries with confidentiality assured. Counselling can help when you are going through a difficult time, such as experiencing some anxiety or depression or a life changing event, such as a relationship breakdown, trauma, illness or loss. At other times we can just be aware that we are feeling low or have been feeling angry about something for a very long time and now might be the right time to start making some positive changes for the future.

As your therapist I can help you to face your difficulties and explore how you may regain a greater sense of control in your life. You may come to understand your feelings and beliefs better to allow the possibility of change from the negative repeating patterns of the past.

I offer both short and long term counselling with an emphasis on working within the relationship, developing trust and growth in honest and real communication. This is designed to increase your ability to deal with many relationships and situations in different areas of your life.

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Couples counselling provides you and your partner with a safe place to explore the issues in your relationship that are stopping you from enjoying being the best you can be in your life together.

You may feel you have got stuck in your relationship or that life stresses are getting in the way of keeping the warmth and love you once had for each other. Perhaps there has been an affair, which has caused you to question whether you want to stay together. Creating and maintaining good communication and developing skills to manage conflict positively are at the heart of how I can help you to explore your relationship to resolve the differences and difficulties between you.

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Life coaching is a helpful way to empower yourself to make those life choices you may have been aspiring to, perhaps for a long time, and then to work towards your goals. 

Using my additional training in life coaching I can help you to identify what may have been stopping you in the past and we would work together to overcome any obstacles. I am able to suggest new perspectives and offer inspirational resources. I can advise on different techniques you could use, such as meditation and journaling. 

These can facilitate you to explore your life values and goals and I will support you to draw up realistic plans to achieve them.

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